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Dublin - Christian Transfers Ireland

dublin airport transfers

Ireland transfers - Christian Transfers

Christian Transfers offer transfers from Airport and all the cities of Ireland.

Pick-up from Dublin Airport and other cities.

We organize transfer by taxis and minvans or rentals with coaches and buses to all Ireland destinations or abroad to Uk, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Greece, Cyprus, Croatia, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Slovenia, Slovakia, Serbia, Bosnia Hertegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro, Albain, Belgium, Spain, Italy, France.

Taxi App - Maya Mix app for taxi is the app where you can book a taxi when you need a ride. For taxi providers - we are looking to partner with taxi drivers and taxi companies from Dublin areas.

Courier App - Maya Mix app for courier is the app where you can book a motto, car or van when you need to send an urgent parcel arround the corner or to another city. All deliveries are made for your parcel, we dont wait for other parcel to share the same direction. For couriers providers - we are looking to partner with courier drivers and courier companies from Dublin areas.

Recovery Car App - Maya Mix app for recovery car is the app where you can book a recovery car when your car break down. You'll can do this after you downloaded the app on your smartphone, it's so easy to use it, like any taxi app. You'll save money by paying only when you need it and not paying monthly for decades. You'll save time by setting the pickup and dropp off point in the app in few touch of the phone buttons, not in 45 minutes over the phone with old fashion providers, you'll choose the recovery car capacity and offcourse you'll see driver details after he accept the job. For recovery car providers - we are looking to partner with recovery car owners and recovery car companies from Dublin areas.

Ground Transportation - We organize airport transfers, executive and vip transfers, minibuses rentals, coaches rentals, taxi app, courier app and recovery car app in Uk, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Croatia, Greece, Romania, Albania, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Hungary, Ireland, Macedonia, Montenegro, Netherlands, Poland, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland in Europe and China, Russia, Turkey, India in Asia.

Christian Transfers Services

Partner with Us

Partner with Christian Transfers, receive more jobs, make more money with your business. Taxi, couriers and towing cars providers are welcome.

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The classic taxi as we know it, on demand taxis for short or long trips, easy booked in your phone app, for iOS and Android.

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Providing flexible, reliable and cost-effective solutions. Urgent couriers and same day deliveries gives you reliable options, 365 days a year.

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Download our App and pay only when you need it, you need it on average 1-5 times in your life, why should you pay monthly for decades?

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