Recovery car app in Gatwick London Birmingham Bristol Manchester

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Recovery car app in Gatwick London Birmingham Bristol Manchester

MayaMix App is the new digital point of contact between you and any contractor—anywhere.

There’s no cost to use this service and you're under no obligation to employ anyone MayaMix Appconnects you with.

As soon as we find someone available in your area, we'll connect you for a free consultation.

A vehicle recovery specialist can help you restart it, or they can recover your car and transport it wherever you need when necessary.

Our aim is to give you an efficient and cost effective car service that is local to you.

We understand the frustration when you’re left without a working vehicle and so we aim to solve the problem quickly and without fuss allowing you to return to your daily life.

That’s why at any time of the day or night we aim to be just minutes away so you can call us safe in the knowledge that this problem will soon be over.

We understand how frustrating and worrying it is to be stuck without transportation, so we ensure we get to you as quick as we can so you can be home in no time.

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MayaMix App Easily Accessible Service

For recovery car owners

Like meeting new people in interesting circumstances?

You’ll be a welcome face to those stuck by the side of the road.

You’ll be recovering vehicles that have broken down, crashed or been involved in crime.

And you’ll be independent, patient and able to use your initiative, as well as being friendly and helpful.

For recovery drivers, every day is different. You’ll never be bored.

Think driving is a pleasure, not a chore – even in London, Manchester, Dublin, Cardiff or Glasgow? Then we want to hear from you.